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About Q&A Books

We create books and coaching experiences to help you demonstrate knowledge and commitment from the interview chair or the podium.  In school we are taught to focus on the written word, but in life it is what we say that matters—especially during interviews.  We work with speakers who also shine when taking questions from the floor, and leaders who sound engaged rather than scripted when asked to respond.  Well, you get the picture.  Q & A books will help you express your best thinking when asked.

Game Face


Because your self-presentation is everything
Game Face illustrates the verbal skills, techniques and tactics you’ll need to answer questions masterfully.

It's the book that offers ethical, yet strategic, advice and media-training tips and tactics for going on the record. That's because media interviews create defining moments, either igniting careers or extinguishing them. 

With wit and insight, Bodine Williams deconstructs 19 celebrated verbal encounters and introduces 19 rules of conduct for talking back.

Each chapter tells the story of a celebrated interview, the players, the fallout and the lessons learned.

The Author

Bodine Williams is a public relations consultant who specializes in crisis communication, issues management and media training. She was an on-air reporter for Global, NBC, and CTV television networks. Bodine is the former spokesperson and communication lead for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, as well as the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative. Game Face, The Media Training Playbook, 19 Cautionary Tales was inspired by her work as a senior advisor and media trainer in the New York City offices of Hill & Knowlton and Burson-Marsteller.

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Special Sales

Order bulk copies of Game Face for your organization.

Your leadership teams will speak more effectively and with one voice.

Special sales may include hard copies, paperbacks or eBooks.  Options include custom covers, logos and content particular to your media-training goals and workplace enrichment programs. A book on the art of self-presentation is ideal given branding and promotional opportunities for service-orientated companies that are in the public eye.

 Our special rates depend on the quantity and the level of customization. Special sales linked to workshops and training events with the author are especially welcomed.

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